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A True Farm-to-Table Experience

Our grandmothers and grandfathers were farmers. They coined the term URBAN FARM.  our mothers and fathers were farmers they passed down this honorable trade to us and as custodians of the land, our focus is utilizing what the earth provides holistically growing our vegetables, fruits and herbs with zero chemicals.  we simply take care of the soil, plant heirloom seeds, harvest to provide the most nutrient dense produce possible. Welcome to bread and butter farms; owned by micole and musa. 

monroe ga. 30655   |   470-487-3959 |

Purple and Green Lettuce

weekly baskets of veggies are available during the growing season AND AT FARMER'S MARKETS, each basket is harvested and either picked up from our farm or delivered directly to your home.

Green Onions and Carrots

weekend markets are great places for you to pick up your farm shares or preorder baskets. 

Chefs with over 20 years of fine dinning experience, harvest veggies and fruit from the farm as well as obtain some of the finest grass fed meats from our farm as well as locally sourced and then prepares culinary marvels you and your family are sure to enjoy. These dinners are very exclusive and you must have received a special coin to enter. 

We came to the farm every week to pick up our CSA veggies. They always had an assortment of veggies, very polite and they know their stuff, and they don't use any chemicals in their produce. 


Athens, Ga.