Bread And Butter Farms Events 

Come experience food and the beauty of outdoors

Celebrate your wedding day, birthday bash, holiday fiesta in the middle of the nature, at our organic farm

We host celebrity Chefs for special themed feasts upon request. Groups & individuals are invited to join

Have you truly experience a farm to table feast? Ask us about our very exclusive Farm-to-table feasts that will blow your taste buds away. From the breads, infused butters to grass-fed meats and zero-chemical produce, you are sure to fall in love with real food! 

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Book private events for you, your family or business. Contact us for more information 

Private Events
Farm-to-table Feasts

Let us learn and grow

Farming Workshops

Want to learn how to grow your own food? How to set up solar panels, purify water, build or live off grid, stay tuned for upcoming workshops. 

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